Wisdom in the most unlikely places

Father Rolo

I am a Roman Catholic priest and pastor from Virginia (USA) ordained in 1992, fourth child in a family of seven children, the ultimate middle (third from right). I share my thoughts (unless I credit someone else), some from homilies I’ve given (mostly so I don’t forget myself), some from the wisdom of friends and sometimes strangers, the musings of people smarter than myself, authors I’ve read, song lyrics that catch my attention, even graffitti on sidewalks and abandoned buildings … really anything that God chooses to use to speak his wisdom, even a can of green beans.

  1. It is wonderful to know that even when I am traveling, I can still have a close connection to our home parish by reading your homily.

  2. I am the artist that took the picture of two of my friends walking on railroad tracks. My work appears on your web site. I would greatly appreciate it if you would give me credit for my photograph. Thank you.
    Shannon Rose O’Shea

  3. I can’t wait to visit st.John this week.

    • Hello Elda. I received your message multiple times. I need you to let me know when you will be in town so I can check with my schedule. I will just not be able to meet with you when you show up at the office. Fr. Rolo

  4. Fr. Rolo,
    I just sent your post to Hawaii. You could be a military chaplain but I’m glad we have you!

  5. Father Rolo,
    Who do you contact if you are interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister?

    • Hello Mary Jo,
      Matt Matera is coordinator. We will be conducting a ministry drive in the coming weeks to help cover the new Sunday schedule. We will need all the help we can get. Thank you in advance.

    • That would be Matt Matera. We will be asking parishioners at masses in the coming weeks to consider getting involved. But you can contact him any time if you want.

    • Sorry. I must have told myself I would answer soon, then completely forgot! Talk to Matt Matera. We are in the midst of training new ministers at the moment. So it’s not too late yet.

  6. Hi Father Rolo,
    All my life this scripture Matthew 25:14-30 always scared me as I did not understand.
    When I heard your homily on it this past church service I finally came to understand it.
    All your homilies that I have heard have been so impacting also inspiring.
    I really appreciate coming to church and just listening all on account of the style you chose.
    Thank you so much Father Rolo.

  7. I always enjoy your homilies. We have just returned from SSI,GA. and I missed the personal touch that you have. It is comforting to have a priest that is human.
    Mary Jo

    • thank you MJ. I love that I can speak from my struggles as well as my successes. and when I can make that connection, others are better able to experience the Word. My word is at the service of God’s. I am glad I can help.

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