Seattle: Home of Google (not), Expedia (nope), Starbucks (yep) & Grunge (true that)

These days have been so warm in Seattle. I was told the city hit record highs yesterday with 107 degrees F. It’s usually cooler than this, so I am hoping it will be when I return someday.

The Public Market and the famous Pike’s Fish Market … where the vendors chant and cheer and heave whole fish into the air just for the heck of it! A great tourist attraction.

Fresh flowers from east of Seattle … everyday.

So is the fresh produce, all locally grown.

Look at the pig! Hey, knock it off.

Of Sleepless in Seattle fame.

Home of Google (actually, just one of …). Headquarters in Menlo Park CA.

On Puget Sound.

My logo these days.

Sunset on Elliott Bay.

Artistic rendering of the waves at the locks leading into the sound, also where the spawning salmon swimming upriver climb the ladder (not literally) since they can’t use the locks.

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