Fremont Market & Gumbo at Lakewood

After getting back from Vancouver on Saturday, my cousin Maria and I made the 5pm mass at St. Alphonsus in Ballard, which I celebrated. All went well, except for the fact that it was really really warm. But people were nice and welcoming. After mass, we had tempura at the Bush Garden, a popular Japanese restaurant … no relation to any of the references that first come to mind. Then we headed to the Wilsons’ home at Lakewood where Maria was housesitting for a few days.

The hyrdroplane races took place all day Sunday. This is what we came home to after mass.

My camera didn’t do such a good job … catching the action just a few seconds behind.

Another shot, just a little better than the former. It was also televised live on a local station … if you wanted to know what was going on in the backyard.

Earlier after Sunday mass, Maria and I took a trip to the Fremont Sunday Market. This was at a local art installation (I forgot the name) which people dress up for personal occasions.

Maria (with horns) at the same art installation. Notice my horns in the previous picture. For the record, we did wear horns all day. Got them at the Fremont market. People stopped us on the street, thought it was cool. One lady was bothered since it was Sunday and all. I said, it was a Shakespeare thing, you know with the fawns and satyrs in A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

Artistic Fremont, the facade of a local organic food market.

The Fremont Sunday Market … just two blocks, unique, interesting, quirky.

Vladimir Lenin in downtown Fremont, Seattle WA.

Maria & I at the troll in Fremont. You just had to be there.

After Sunday dinner at the Lakewood house (I cooked gumbo & shrimp etouffee): me, Maria, Nell, Manny.

The house at Lakewood for the weekend.

From the back porch overlooking the sound (Puget).

On the drive to San Francisco, I saw this at the Trees of Mystery in the Redwood Forest of Northern California.

The sun breaking through on a very overcast day on my trip south from Seattle along the Oregon coast.

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