I hit the road again for Canada last Friday, to participate in the RCIA Institute: Beginnings and Beyond, conducted by the North American FORUM on the Catechumenate. I arrived in Thunder Bay ON well after 11pm on Saturday, a road trip that took 22+ hours (not including sleep of course). Temperatures were cooler than back home, although they are talking about it being above average here. It has rained some, but it’s also quite humid. But the drive was pleasant. Didn’t encounter moose or grizzlies. Hope I don’t meet any on the way back.

Thunder Bay is on the northwest shore of Lake Superior. The border crossing at Sault Ste. Marie is on the southeast corner. Driving distance: 17 hours.

The Cathedral of St. Patrick in downtown Thunder Bay. This is where the institute is being conducted. I’m staying at a facility on the grounds of Lakehead University just ten minutes north.