Monthly Archive: January, 2012

Prophet, Go Home!

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time I am often fascinated by people who are so full of life and energy and enthusiasm that they give new meaning to words like inspiration and passion and… Continue reading

Job Opening with a Catch

  Third Sunday in Ordinary Time I have always enjoyed seafood, long before I heard fish and shellfish contain essential nutrients for a healthy diet. And ordinarily, my seafood comes from the supermarket… Continue reading

Born … to Rise Above

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time When I was growing up, I always hoped that the future path before me would be made unmistakably clear, that I would come to know, understand and accept… Continue reading

A Star Beckons

Epiphany Every time I return from visiting family, I marvel at how far we’ve come.  I can admit there were times we didn’t always enjoy being together.  We were never totally outrageous like… Continue reading

God’s Mom

Mary, Mother of God What is the one thing about your mother you would treasure forever in your heart?  Is it a photograph or a piece of jewelry, the memory of her voice… Continue reading

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