Rome: Basilica di San Pietro, Part 1

In this first album, we were able to walk around most of the basilica. The first picture is from just outside the sacristy door into the main floor. It is the list of popes buried in St. Peter’s. The new tomb of Blessed John Paul II is now at a side altar to the right on the main floor, beneath a painting of the martyrdom of St. Sebastian. Fr. Kerry and I spent at least an hour in prayer there. I re-read the intentions that people sent with me to Rome. I asked Bl. John Paul II to pray with me and all of you. I know I left your cares in good hands.

There were a few areas of the basilica that did not admit visitors. But most of the building was open. At this point, there were a handful of people walking around doing exactly what we were doing. The atmosphere was reverent despite hushed conversations in various languages, and the clicking of cameras.

Most impressive were the massive statues depicting the giants and heroes of our faith immortalized in stone. Some of them have been around for centuries. I felt a chill just imagining what God can do in someone open to the Holy Spirit’s inspiration. Would that we were all open to hear, and do as God inspires.

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