What Have We Become?

Every time the anniversary rolls around, it is an occasion to stop and think. Then there’s Trayvon Martin, and Sandy Hook, and now Syria. What have we become?


Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ten years ago this very day, our nation was brought to a standstill at the news of terrorist attacks in NYC, Washington DC and Shanksville PA.  The whole world was horrified beyond words and shed many tears for America.  And the memory of that dreadful morning continues still to sear our minds and hearts with sadness and anger.  Our first and most immediate response was inconsolable grief and indignation.  Some lost a family member or a friend that day, some who knew someone who did.  Yet we all experienced that pain intensely and personally.  We would never be the same again, we have been told repeatedly.  Ten years later, how exactly have we changed?  Tragic events will force us to adjust, sometimes painfully, or we turn to stone.  But we have power to determine exactly how we are to adjust.  Have we chosen, after ten years…

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