Monthly Archive: October, 2015

Their Healing & Our Blindness

You Do Not Know What You Are Asking

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time I celebrated yesterday the wedding of a bright, young couple. They pronounced their vows—“I take you to be my wife. I take you to be my husband. I… Continue reading

Stumbling Upon a Pile of Wisdom

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Overheard from 9 year old David: “It’s tough being a kid, even tougher being a good kid.” From 8 year old Justin: “When a girl keeps on teasing… Continue reading

An Opportunity to Seize or Ignore

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Beginning Sunday 4 October through the next three weeks, 279 cardinals, bishops, and representatives from all over the world will be gathering at the Vatican for the XIV… Continue reading

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