Monthly Archive: May, 2016

Loaves & Fish, and a Little Manual Labor

Body & Blood of the Lord As the schoolyear winds down, students are looking forward to graduation and a few weeks of summer break. Teachers and school administrators are also breathing a sigh… Continue reading

Proclaiming God’s Mighty Acts

Pentecost This day of Pentecost calls to mind the Holy Spirit coming down in wind and fire upon the disciples who had gathered with the mother of Jesus in the upper room. Wind… Continue reading

Lemonade & Christian Witness

Ascension of the Lord When life hands you lemons … you make lemonade. That’s what people say, people who know things, probably long before lemonade came in a mix. Nowadays, I put lemon… Continue reading

In the Driver’s Seat

Sixth Sunday of Easter I learned to drive on a farm vehicle on the grounds of a high school seminary in Goshen NY in the mid-1980s. My driving instructor, Brother John, was a… Continue reading

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