We headed out after breakfast. But first, a question: What is the difference between an Irish breakfast and a Scottish breakfast?


Scottish Breakfast.

Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast.

And while you ponder that mystery, off we go on a city bus tour.

But before that, a better photo of the Duke of Wellington on Princes Street.


And one of Sir Walter Scott in Princes Street Garden.


The bus tour took us all over the city. I took a few photos. But I also seemed to have zoned out a couple of times, having no recollection of some of the sights.

Edinburgh City Sightseeing Map

We had great views of Edinburgh Castle, which we would visit on Sunday–so stay tuned, Old Town, and Parliament.

There were a few church-looking buildings in the city that have been repurposed. Sadly, they would have been memorials to a different age. One of them was the Hub, headquarters of the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival.

From Wikipedia: “What is now ‘The Hub’ was built for the Church of Scotland both as a parish church and as a purpose-built General Assembly Hall. It was originally known as the Victoria Hall. The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland last met here in 1929, when the Church of Scotland united with the United Free Church of Scotland, thereafter using the former United Free Church’s Assembly Hall on The Mound (and continuing to this day.)

In 1979 the Highland Tolbooth St John’s Church building was closed, the congregation uniting with the nearby Greyfriars Kirk. The congregation had been notable for its services in Gaelic as well as English. The building was then virtually unused until becoming ‘The Hub’.”

Then before heading back to the hotel, a nice meal on High Street, a few blocks from the castle.

Oh, and my answer to the question I posed at the top of the page. The difference between a Scottish breakfast and an Irish breakfast is how hungry you are. If you have no idea where you are, and you are served breakfast, you might not be able to tell. Better yet, don’t go to bed not knowing whether you’re in Scotland or Ireland.

Tomorrow, Stirling Castle.

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