Fr. Kerry arrived in Virginia the week before, and we spent a few days visiting family in Virginia Beach. Krissy came home from California for a few days. She starts a new job when she returns the week after.

So we landed in Italy at Rome on Tuesday, 26 July. Pat Gage was there to meet us. The trip east to Montefino, to the little village of Muraglie, took about 3 hours. Linda met us when we arrived … along with their 4 dogs, 3 which they brought from Virginia, and a little local named Peanut they picked up after they arrived. It seems all it takes is endless whining through the night to melt the most hardened heart down to a puddle. Temps were in the 80s, and we only had a little over 24 hours with them before catching a flight to Edinburgh, UK.

We enjoyed our short visit–long conversations over lunch and dinner, short walks with the four-legged residents, longer walks around the village–until it was time to go. We picked up a bus at Pescara, just SE of Montefino, for the 3 hour trip east to Rome, flying out the next day at 7AM to Edinburgh.

Montefino on the hill … and the valley below.

Muraglie to Altri

Then off to Altri … a winding half-hour 18km trip.

At Altri, la Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, the local basilica church. We also visited with a woman in a pottery store (very small business) who grew up in the US, can’t remember where exactly. Linda’s Italian was impressive. But I guess waving your hands will enhance any conversation. And the locals appreciate the effort.

I know the visit was way too short. Perhaps next time. I had told Linda & Pat when they moved to Italy in February, that I would give them a couple of months, then I’d come and visit. When Fr. Kerry and I planned a trip to Scotland and Wales, we just had to swing by. Or the next time would not be anytime soon. I realize when we break ground with the new church, I won’t be able to use my passport for the duration.

Pescara to Rome

Plus, the Pope would be in Poland soon. So, sorry folks, I wasn’t able to drop in and say hello to Papa Francesco for you.

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