Monthly Archive: November, 2017

Not My Job

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe On my trip to visit family and back this past week, I like to listen to podcasts of old radio game shows. I especially enjoy… Continue reading

Come, Share Your Master’s Joy

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Sometime during the funeral of every priest, bishop, pope, religious sister or brother, and occasionally when a military chaplain says a few words at the grave of a… Continue reading

Don’t Miss the Boat

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time I remember a cartoon of two dinosaurs huddled together on a hill. The rising floodwaters had forced them to seek higher ground. Behind them appears to be Noah’s… Continue reading

Do Not Follow Their Example

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time The entire 23rd chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, from which this passage we read today is taken, is an unrelenting, unforgiving diatribe against the religious leaders of… Continue reading

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