Monthly Archive: November, 2018

Not Even Close

34th Sunday in Ordinary Time / Jesus Christ, King of the Universe I have been a lifelong resident of planet earth. So says my birth certificate, my passport, and my driver’s license. As… Continue reading

Known But to God

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time I like to watch people, but not in that creepy way you’re probably picturing. No. Some years ago, I would go to the mall late in the Christmas… Continue reading

In a Nutshell

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time I have been asking myself recently, what is the point of a shortcut? So you can get to where you’re going quicker. If it’s about how little time… Continue reading

The Serious Business of Holiness

Solemnity of All Saints I remember as a child seeing pictures of saints in books, paintings, holy cards, and stained glass windows. Every so often it was a three-dimensional image, making them even… Continue reading

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