Forgive. Are you serious?

Tuesday of the Third Week of Lent

We are working on making Sunday mass available by live-stream from the parish website. This Sunday anyway, Bishop Knestout will be live-streaming mass from the Cathedral, and every Sunday for the foreseeable future. St. John’s will try and do similarly, but beginning the weekend after.

I wish to make my weekday reflection available but only on audio. My apologies for the inconvenience. I also have to edit out my long pauses and nervous tics. So it won’t be available until later in the day … if I am not hindered by other fires I have to put out.

I know today is also St. Patrick’s day. I make no mention of it. It would have been quite a stretch considering where I was going with my reflection. But Happy St. Pat’s anyway. Celebrate in the comfort of your own home. We are all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

This mass was offered for the intentions of Paul Perkins.

Rolo B Castillo © 2020

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