Joseph & the New Abnormal

Solemnity of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary

We have entered unprecedented times. But we have been entrusted the care of one another. Like Joseph, whose world was violently overturned, we move forward trusting those we love, trusting God who walks alongside us.

This mass was offered for the repose of +Josephine & George Deane.

Rolo B Castillo © 2020

6 responses to “Joseph & the New Abnormal”

  1. Thanks for the encouraging words that are so needed in these uncertain times. Prayers for everyone’s health and safety.


  2. Thank you Fr Rolo. As we wade through this new abnormal, it’s very nice to be able to listen to your posts for another way to look at how things are unfolding and what we may need to do. Blessings, Gail


    • Truly we are not helpless so we must not despair. And those who must carry on after the dust settles will know how it all went down. And the minstrels will write songs about us. And we will live on in myths and legends. And generations to come will look upon this time as an age of heroes. You can tell I’ve been watching Lord of the Rings again. And with your spirit. Fr. Rolo


  3. Hi Fr Rolo, thanks for your posts and for your steady presence in our lives, especially during these new “abnormal times.” In peace, Lois and Jeff



    • Hello Lois & Jeff, I’m glad you find my musings helpful. I am always half-dreading what new horror might be visited upon us … but simultaneously half-delirious with excitement in anticipation of the wonder and awe that awaits us. I hope you wake up each morning to wonder and awe in the midst of our new abnormal. Peace. Fr. Rolo


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