Vision Beyond Eyes

Fourth Sunday of Lent

Gospel reading:


As much as I enjoy the kind of interaction with others that I have always considered normative, with visual and auditory cues, facial expressions, banter, and even physical touch, this imposed solitude we are all experiencing now has given me opportunity to better appreciate that distinct blessing I may have been taking for granted.

The blind man would never have known what he was missing, had Jesus not healed him.

When I finally awoke to life and reality sometime in my 30s (and I continue to awake to it each day), I still cannot claim to have brought it about all by myself. And sometimes I wonder about that loss of ignorance and naïveté. Life was definitely easier when I didn’t know. But I know that I am wiser because of it. Bruised and battered, but wiser. Even if it were an option, I would never imagine going back.

This mass was offered for the repose of +Maria Liu.

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