Good News Needs to be Proclaimed

Wednesday of the Second Week of Easter

“For God so loved the world …” We are familiar with the passage from John’s gospel because it shows up in the most unlikely places, mostly at sporting events because somebody decided to get the word out on national TV. God’s love for the world was conveyed through the life and teachings, the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And we would only know of it if someone tells us about it.

Nowadays, children often hear that they are loved. It wasn’t something we heard much growing up. Nor did we say it. But we all know how wonderful it is to our ears and to our hearts. Even those who “didn’t need to hear it” because they already knew it actually do like to hear it. And the good news is proclaimed. We hear of God’s love through those who love us. And when we are convinced of that love, we must also proclaim it to others.

In the resurrection accounts last week, those who encountered the Risen Jesus were told to “go and tell the others.” Even the disciples who met Jesus on the road to Emmaus, although they weren’t told to, returned to Jerusalem nonetheless and told the others how they encountered him in the breaking of the bread. And the Eleven proclaimed the Risen Jesus in the first reading despite the persecution they endured. Good news is not good news until it is proclaimed. And love needs to be proclaimed in both words and actions.

Today’s mass was offered for the repose of +Frank Kida.

Rolo B Castillo © 2020

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