When God Knows More Than Us

Thursday of the Third Week of Easter

All the time, of course. But we are tempted sometimes to advise God on certain matters we think we understand better. The least we can do is be receptive to what God chooses to reveal to us regarding his grand design, and stop placing obstacles in God’s way. After that, we can cooperate with God and participate in that divine plan, or at least that part we can grasp, while continuing to explore and better grasp what God continues to reveal to us. There simply is much our limited finite minds will not, cannot grasp. And whether we like it or not, it will take us time to come to a clearer understanding. God is not done revealing his design and will to us, more than likely because we cannot grasp it completely ever no matter how much we desire it.

And after we cooperate with God and participate in God’s plan, we can choose to place ourselves at God’s disposal to draw others to him. Philip does just that in the first reading from the Acts of the Apostles. The Spirit puts him on the path of the Ethiopian official so that he might explain a passage from Isaiah, share with him what he knew and understood of Jesus in God’s grand design, and help him encounter God personally in baptism. And when that task was done, he is once again taken by the Spirit someplace else, presumably to assist in someone else’s search for God (which we don’t read about anywhere later). And the Ethiopian official goes on his way … rejoicing. That is the effect of encountering God. We go on our way rejoicing. And when he so chooses, he too can invite God to make him an instrument of proclaiming Good News to others.

By our baptism we have invited God into our lives, and we find opportunities to cooperate with God and participate in God’s plan. When we encounter God intimately and powerfully, we can go on our way rejoicing. But we can do one better still. We can graciously assist in God’s work of drawing others to himself. No one comes to Jesus unless the Father draws him, the gospel tells us. We are disciples. We are bearers of Good News. And the more aware and willing we are regarding our role in proclaiming Good News with rejoicing, the more others are drawn to God. But with proper social distancing of course … for now.

This mass was offered for the repose of +Chas Pauly.

Rolo B Castillo © 2020

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