A Student becomes like his Teacher

Thursday of the Fourth Sunday of Easter

We read in today’s gospel, “No slave is be greater than his master.” And then I go off on a line that wasn’t even in the reading, “No student is greater than his teacher.” I apologize. My mind must have been running on two tracks this morning. But I hope you can still find something useful for your Christian discipleship and your proclamation of Good News.

Paul weaves the history of Israel with which his listeners were familiar with the person of Jesus Christ, the pinnacle of salvation history. We hear more about what he had to say tomorrow. Now we should remember that this was the same Saul who persecuted the early Christian community with his eloquence, enthusiasm, and energy, and who we now find proclaiming Jesus Christ with the very same eloquence, enthusiasm, and energy. All that he learned at the feet of Gamaliel and his other teachers, he now puts to use for the kingdom of God. Like Paul, we begin our true education in the faith when we begin putting it into practice. Up until that point, everything we know about our faith would have been theoretical. When we begin living it in the midst of challenging circumstances and daily trials, our faith becomes real.

“Whoever receives you, receives me. And whoever receives me, receives the one who sent me.” When we proclaim Good News and give witness to how God is active in our lives, we bring Jesus to others. Perhaps in our selfishness and human weakness, we might bring an inadequate or poor image of Jesus to others. Nevertheless if they receive us, they receive Jesus. So we probably should take our witness of the faith more seriously. And perhaps we would more intentionally bring to others a more accurate and faithful image of Jesus.

We celebrated this mass for the repose of +Richard Crotty.

Rolo B Castillo © 2020

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