Wednesday of the Sixth Week of Easter

“Are you sitting down?” When we hear these words, we are either filled with dread or excitement, although mostly dread. But sitting down is an appropriate way to approach mystery because it might be too much information too soon. We like our mysteries in small doses, unless it’s from Agatha Christie or Scott Turow, Mary Higgins Clark or John Grisham. Now Jesus reminded his apostles that they were not ready for everything he wanted to tell them, that he would send the Advocate to lead his church into all truth … in some future time. And 2000 years since he said those words, we are still slow to understand, half-excited, half-dreading that which the Advocate will reveal to us.

When Paul was preaching in Athens, he spoke of his audience’s belief in many gods. They wanted to cover all their bases, they even had a temple to “the Unknown god,” lest the scorned god be displeased on account of their unintended slight. But this “Unknown god” is the God and Father of Jesus Christ, he tells them, whom God raised from the dead. Whoah! Not everyone was ready for that information. Like Mary of Nazareth, when we come across mystery, we should spend time pondering over it, listening to what God is trying to tell us, allowing that Truth to transform us. Because what you now know, you cannot unknow. Bang! Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

The awesome mystery that is God’s love for his people is ever unfolding in history and in our own lives. Only God knows whether or not the time is right, and whether or not we are ready for it. Because when God has something to say, you can bet it’s important. And if it’s important, we cannot remain unchanged.

This mass was offered for the repose of +Eric Lampe.

Rolo B Castillo © 2020

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