Invitation & Response

St. Thomas, Apostle

I failed to upload Tuesday’s homily because we blessed and installed the steeple on the new church. And by the time I got back, my focus was elsewhere. Besides, it didn’t seem like anyone noticed anyway. There was no uproar. No outcry. I suppose my audience just found other things to do. So if you’re back, I’m glad I can be of service.

Today’s feast of the apostle Thomas is a reminder that God can make something out of anything we put at his disposal. Although Thomas is famous for doubting the resurrection, it is his life’s work of proclaiming the Gospel for which he is honored and revered. Supposedly he went to preach the gospel in India, and there suffered martyrdom.

Coming to faith is something we all experience personally. God initiates. God invites by offering us evidence we receive through our senses. Sometimes it actually gets started when we experience doubt or questions, especially as cradle Catholics raised in an environment that presumed a lot without much explanation. So the doubt or questions invite us deeper. They are God’s invitation to intimacy with him, not just to imitating the crowd. And when we respond, it is a leap. Thomas’ physical eyes saw Jesus, the same Jesus he saw hanging from the cross. But it was the eyes of his spirit that helped him “see” this same Jesus in a new light, enabling him to declare “My Lord and my God.”

So when I struggle with faith, I need to look for signs God is sending me to deeper intimacy with himself. We all probably have some idea what it’s like to read someone’s signals wrong. But God is sending me signals all the time. I will need to look at all of it together. Mixed signals is not God’s thing. If it seems mixed, I’m getting interference. And until it clarifies, I need to keep exploring, listening, discerning. And when the time is right, I will need to respond. A leap into the darkness … believing I will land on solid ground … or I will be given wings to fly.

We offered mass today for the repose of +Mabel Prebish.

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