You’re In the Wrong Seat

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

This week has been stressful. And I’m not even a health-care worker, a COVID patient, or a high level government official. I don’t suppose anyone can look back on a stress-less week. Maybe just the oblivious. But for the most part, we all have to deal with daily challenges and figure out what to do on the fly. When things go well, we think our plans are working. When things don’t go well, we think someone or something is deliberately making us miserable.

“Come to me and I will give you rest,” Jesus tells us in today’s gospel passage. We all could use some rest. Not just a good night’s sleep, which by the way not too many of us have been getting lately. The day’s burdens are enough to keep us awake at night, to say nothing of the burdens that await us when we get out of bed in the morning. What exactly is this “rest” Jesus is offering us? Notice he invites us to take on his yoke and burden, which are easy and light. I suppose the image of a yoke reminds me of beasts of burden, cows, horses, that have to work in pairs. Who’s on the other side of this yoke? It better not be someone I don’t get along with. Well, maybe it will be God. I need to get along with and work with God. So eventually, who’s in charge? Me?

I’ve seen the bumper sticker that proclaims “Jesus is my co-pilot.” It makes me laugh. If Jesus is your co-pilot, you’re in the wrong seat. When we acknowledge that Jesus is ultimately in charge, and we need to place our trust in his providence and compassion, we can be at peace.

We’ve been having trouble with our live-streaming at weekday mass all week. It has given me a fair amount of stress in the midst of everything else going on in my life and ministry. I need to remember who’s in charge, and that I need to trust God more. In the end, I’m only a co-pilot. I can offer help, but it’s God’s plane. And sometimes I don’t need to know why the pilot does what the pilot does.

We offered this mass for the repose of +James Sarsfield.

Rolo B Castillo © 2020

2 responses to “You’re In the Wrong Seat”

  1. Today’s live-streaming glitch was actually kinda ok. It made me have to picture everything you were doing while you were speaking. So I had to realize if there were parts of the Mass I don’t pay enough attention to. Not a bad thing to know.


    • I’m glad to provide an opportunity for deeper reflection … not only when I speak, but also when no one can see me. Haha!


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