Hope for the Weeds

Tuesday of Week 17 in Ordinary Time

No one plants weeds on purpose. If your crop is medical marijuana the weeds would be those other vegetation you did not plant on purpose. So I’m not talking about that kind of weeds. Weeds are what get in the way, what crowds out the good crop, what competes for the same nutrients and sunlight that crops depend on. And weeds might be indistinguishable from some crops early on, but eventually become known for what they are.

In Jesus’ parable both good seed and bad seed, both wheat and weeds, represent people. But the analogy breaks down when we consider how people are not always good or always bad. Rather we drift in and out of one camp into the other often several times in any given period of time. So designating any one person permanently to be good or evil, which by the way is an act of judgement Jesus reserves to God alone, neglects a most essential and wonderful attribute of God, mercy. While there is time before the harvest at the end of the age, there is time for repentance and reform. Weeds can still turn into wheat … and vise versa.

Jeremiah laments to God the people’s sufferings probably brought on by war and famine. But the prophet admits the wickedness and unfaithfulness of Israel as just cause for their plight as well. And as much as good deserves reward and evil deserves punishment–it is apparently how justice works–God’s mercy is still very much at work.

So be nice to the weeds in your life. There is yet hope for them. And try not to be one yourself. Or if you are, get with the program … or you got some ‘splainin’ to do.

We offered mass today for the repose of +Walt Brodowicz.

Rolo B Castillo © 2020

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