Ready or Not

St. Monica

If you’ve ever played Hide & Seek with children, or as a child yourself, there is some expected measure of fear and excitement when the It comes looking for you. But at least it’s something you expect. And you know that being found is not an evil to avoid at all costs. On the other hand, knowing real and catastrophic danger is out to get you in the form of a thief or an accident or even a hurricane, the fear can be unnerving and paralyzing. Just why Jesus used the image of a thief to remind his disciples to be ready at all times can be puzzling. But the point is the urgency of being ready. Some people will waste their opportunities to prepare even with advance notice. But the unexpected will catch up with us all without exception. Readiness is about not getting caught with your pants down.

Paul reminds the community of Corinth that the baptized have already been sanctified in Christ Jesus, and are called to holiness, that in him we are enriched in every way. In a way he tells us we already have the tools we need to prepare for the Lord’s return both at the end of our lives and at the end of time. And if we are always ready to receive him, we need not fear being caught unawares.

The gospel passage is addressed to the leaders of the community who were charged to distribute food to the household at the proper time. That food includes both physical and spiritual nourishment that leaders give in their care of the household. But even they can get distracted, thinking the master is long delayed, and resort to abuse and violence and self-indulgence. This neglect of their duty will most certainly incur punishment. Those to whom much is given, from them much will be expected.

This mass was offered for the repose of +John Freeman.

Rolo B Castillo © 2020

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