To Know & Be Transformed

1 September 2020

There is a presumption that those who are in positions of leadership especially in church leadership would know the mind of Christ. St. Paul certainly makes that declaration with confidence. The rest of us should not be as confident. Knowledge of the mind of Christ implies a willingness to embrace how God challenges us to imitate Christ and live by the values of the kingdom. Demons can know the mind of Christ too, as when Jesus drove one (or a horde of them) out in today’s Gospel reading. “What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us?” Knowing the mind of Christ does not automatically mean one embraces the transformation that knowledge brings about. The demon/s were only concerned about how it inconvenienced them. They had no care for their host, nor his family. And one who claims knowledge of the mind of Christ can still only be concerned about how it enhances their social standing, and how they can use it to influence other people to their advantage. The self-righteous will claim God on their side while demanding your sizable contribution to offset their lavish lifestyle. Did they even hear the message they proclaim with such vigor?

The natural man, or rather the worldly man, does not perceive the presence or activity of God’s Spirit. If he does, it is still only a tool for his selfish ends, maybe to keep convincing others of his moral authority or to justify the lifestyle he has grown accustomed to. If only he allowed God’s Spirit to transform him. Then others will recognize how he possesses the mind of Christ, and themselves hear the invitation to be transformed. Otherwise they are deceived. And they will recognize the hypocrisy when the house of cards begins to crumble.

This mass was offered for the repose of +Mary Frye.

Rolo B Castillo © 2020

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