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Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time This weekend commemorates the 50th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall.  Not a very pleasant anniversary, if you ask me.  Certainly not something to celebrate.  And yet… Continue reading

Walk on This!

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Among the many signs Jesus performs in the gospels, what he does in today’s gospel reading strikes me as not directly benefiting anyone.  When Jesus healed the sick or… Continue reading

Spiritual Junk Food

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Two words.  Junk food.  I love it.  I know you do too.  I know I don’t need it.  Look at me.  And neither do you, really.  But it’s just… Continue reading

Treasure Beyond Price

Seventeeth Sunday in Ordinary Time I have been to Las Vegas just once in my life.  One summer a few years ago, I visited my brother and his family in San Diego. We then… Continue reading

Send Them to the Moon

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Rupert Murdoch is scrambling a lot these days to keep from losing his sanity, his credibility, and his vast media empire. I’m sure if it were all up to… Continue reading

God’s Word, Fertile Soil & Betty Ford

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Betty Ford died last Friday night at the age of 93. She never imagined herself anything more than the wife of a US congressman, although even that was far… Continue reading

With the Heart of a Child

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time I was a classroom teacher once. So occasionally I am tempted to point out something educational, but only when the conversation is slow. It can be impressive sometimes, but… Continue reading

Proclaim the Mighty Acts of God

Pentecost Can you tell the difference between a Christian and one who is not?  We all have noticed how the name “Christian” has gotten a lot of bad press these days, especially since… Continue reading

Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth

Ascension of the Lord If you were to visit the ends of the earth, where would that take you?  I would like to say I’ve been there and back.  I love to travel… Continue reading

Christianity … with Passion & Enthusiasm

Sixth Sunday of Easter I have noticed nobody likes to hang out with boring people, who have no idea who they are or what they believe in, who are without life and passion… Continue reading

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