wisdom in the most unlikely places


God Draws & Transforms Us

Image by d3images on Freepik The Most Holy Trinity I remember as a child a fascination with magnets, little pieces of stone or metal that moved decisively, it seemed of their own free will, in response to other magnets. Sometimes they would stick together, sometimes they would push away. Very strict laws of physics govern…

You Know When You Know

Pentecost Sometimes, the only way you can tell something is there is because you know when it isn’t. For instance, some people complain about the weather all the time. “Hot enough for you? Cold enough for you?” They don’t want to appear to be complaining, but there’s a tinge of dissatisfaction in their voice, like…

Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth

Photo by Reiseuhu on Unsplash Ascension of the Lord If you were to visit the ends of the earth, where would that take you? I would like to say I’ve been there and back. I love to travel and am always eager to use my passport. So last summer, I returned to Australia to visit…

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