How Can Anyone Tell?

Fifth Sunday of Easter Would anyone know what you did for a living if you never mentioned it when you meet them? Some people just have that unique look that gives it away. Maybe it’s just a stereotype and doesn’t fit everyone. Maybe the look comes from iconic historical figures and famous characters in the […]

A Shepherd Snaps

Fourth Sunday of Easter Paul and Barnabas had set out on their first missionary journey after the Holy Spirit inspired the church in Jerusalem to set them aside for a special purpose. After arriving in Antioch in Pisidia, they came to the synagogue on the sabbath to join in the worship. The synagogue official invited […]

An Enduring Friendship

Third Sunday of Easter Simon Peter was an experienced fisherman who lived by the Sea of Tiberias, also called the Sea of Galilee. He knew the water well and where the fishing was best. It was there Jesus called him and his brother Andrew, and their friends James and John, to come with him. They […]

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