They Sit at Our Doors

Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Does money buy happiness? In a May 2022 episode of his podcast “Margins of Error” Harry Enten of CNN[1]cites a 2010 study from Princeton University which says money can buy happiness … but only to a point. A major conclusion of the study suggested that the subjective measure of one’s […]

Savvy Diplomacy for the Kingdom

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time I am no politician. In fact, I detest the ways of partisan politics and the toxicity it injects into everything it touches. Yet we must all wade into politics to participate in the human drama. I much rather prefer the term diplomacy to intentionally include some measure of natural and […]

The Absurdity of Forgiveness

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Whenever we read about forgiveness in sacred scripture, we are often looking at it from God’s point of view, where God is the offended party and humanity through various representatives is often the offending party—from Adam and Eve who ate fruit from the forbidden tree to Cain who slew his […]

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