Among the Undead

Fifth Sunday of Lent There was a time I somewhat enjoyed watching horror movies, primarily for the pleasure of watching my friends jump back screaming or cowering in their seats. I suppose boisterous… Continue reading

Why Do We Still Refuse to See?

Fourth Sunday of Lent Some years ago, I taught Algebra I in Catholic school in New Orleans, mostly 9th and 10th graders. I distinctly remember at least one time trying to teach a new… Continue reading

A Deeper Thirst

Third Sunday of Lent I’ve been watching a lot of TV these last few months, mostly syndicated programming, a lot of dark comedy and crime drama, stuff I can’t believe I missed at… Continue reading

Listen to Him

Second Sunday of Lent I remember, when I was growing up, how my parents got on my case a lot for what according them was my habit of not listening.  I didn’t understand… Continue reading

Nothing More than a Suggestion

First Sunday of Lent A young man I knew from years ago wrote on Facebook that he was thinking of giving up drinking for Lent.  I assumed he meant alcohol.  In less than… Continue reading

Practicing Christianity

How does one get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice.  If you said 57th & 7th, you would be right.  But it won’t be the answer I was looking for.  One definition of… Continue reading

Everything is Going to be All Right

A young child is exploring the world around her.  She had just began to walk on her own, still unsteady on her feet.  The colorful and shiny objects strewn across the living room… Continue reading

Be Holy … or Blind & Toothless

Lex Talionis – the Law of Retaliation.  An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, an arm for an arm, a life for a life.  “The earliest human legal systems were… Continue reading

Beyond What the Law Requires

First let me set the record straight.  Despite what some of you may think, despite what some of you have been led to believe, I have never claimed to be a model Christian. … Continue reading

Staying Connected

I promised Bethany I would put this photo on my blog. The remnant of last year’s Confirmation class going out to lunch after the 11am liturgy. We do this every 2nd and 4th… Continue reading

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