Chosen for Ministry as a Witness to the Resurrection

Feast of St. Matthias, Apostle Matthias was the Eleven’s plus one, a latecomer to the party, although present from the start and most importantly as “one who accompanied us the whole time the… Continue reading

The Vital Connection

Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Easter Jesus introduces the image of vine and branches. This image highlights a more intimate connection between us and Jesus. As the vine and its branches share… Continue reading

Jesus’ Gift of Peace

Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Easter In times of confusion, turmoil, and conflict, the relief we seek is simply the absence of confusion, turmoil, and conflict. But such an absence is not… Continue reading

Charting a Perilous Course

Fifth Sunday of Easter In the latest jobs report published on Friday, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics measured the unemployment rate at 14.7% in April, with nonfarm payroll employment falling by 20.5… Continue reading

What Must God Be Like?

Saturday of the Fourth Week of Easter I flubbed that line in today’s homily. But you know what I meant to say. Sometimes my mouth moves faster than my brain. And sometimes it… Continue reading

“At Home” with Jesus

Friday of the Fourth Week of Easter At the last supper, Jesus mentions his impending departure from his Apostles gathered with him at table. Naturally this news causes distress. Where are you going?… Continue reading

A Student becomes like his Teacher

Thursday of the Fourth Sunday of Easter We read in today’s gospel, “No slave is be greater than his master.” And then I go off on a line that wasn’t even in the… Continue reading

Discernment, Legitimacy, & the Holy Spirit

Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Easter Young people sometimes ask mom and dad, “What do you want me to do when I grow up?” If they are assured of their parents’ love… Continue reading

God Alone Calls & Sends

Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Easter After the martyrdom of Stephen, those scattered by the persecution of Christians primarily of Greek background arrive in other cities and communities. They first bring the… Continue reading

Abundant Life & Nothing Less

Fourth Sunday of Easter Before we embarked on this strange voyage of mandatory social distancing, we all had some fairly conventional ideas of how to be a community of Christian believers, and what… Continue reading

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