Creativity, Resourcefulness, Outside-the-Box Thinking

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time I love watching clever commercials on TV. That’s easily the best reason I can come up with to watch the Superbowl. Even better still is watching the Clio… Continue reading

Bless Your Heart

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time I don’t know about you. But I prefer that things are orderly, that they follow some recognizable pattern, and that they generally make sense. Now it’s not absolutely… Continue reading

De-Stressing About Salvation

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time Who of us, given the opportunity, would not choose a less stressful job or academic load, less stressful friendships and relationships, and ultimately a less stressful life? Modern… Continue reading

The Debt of Privilege

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary As I was driving home from Maine the other day on I-84W through Connecticut, the exit sign for Newtown and Sandy Hook caught my attention. A wave… Continue reading

What’s It Really All About?

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time People tell me they come to church each week so they can return to their lives and their livelihoods refreshed and renewed. And for some time, I’ve been… Continue reading

A Few Good Apples, Persistent & Fearless

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time No one is an expert on prayer. We all have something to learn, and we all have something to teach. Despite our common ideas about prayer, it is… Continue reading

Not My Neighbor

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time It’s summer and life in the Shenandoah Valley is fairly quiet and uneventful. We have been spending time with loved ones, here and elsewhere, traveling to interesting places,… Continue reading

Over & Above

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Growing up, my siblings and I weren’t always high achievers. We didn’t always try harder especially if we did well with little effort. I guess no one wanted… Continue reading

Circling the Wagons

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time We are familiar with the metaphor “circling the wagons.” It derives from the westward expansion in the years following the end of the civil war, when families and… Continue reading


The Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ Jesus said, “Do this in remembrance of me.” So each week, on the first day of the week as was the custom from as far… Continue reading

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