Signs of Life

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time Whenever science fiction and NASA propose to send probes into the far reaches of outer space supposedly to collect stardust and take breath-taking photographs of distant galaxies, I… Continue reading

It’s Not Just Bread Anymore

Body & Blood of Christ Mostly, I live alone. Well, I have a dog, but he and I both know he’s a dog. As far as the IRS is concerned, I live alone.… Continue reading

Mystery in Grace, Love, & Communion

Most Holy Trinity Mystery is by nature elusive, difficult to explain, impossible to grasp. Any attempt to contain it using words or images will fall short, because words and images are simply inadequate,… Continue reading

Renewable Energy for the Kingdom

Pentecost Recently, renewable energy has been in the news. Specifically, the Paris Climate Accord, or rather, the decision by the president to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accord. In a good… Continue reading

What Now? There’s a Plan?

  Ascension of the Lord I was ordained to the priesthood on Sunday, 31 May 1992, in Nanuet NY. Roughly, it’s been 25 years. To be exact, I have been a priest 24… Continue reading

The Shepherd’s Voice

Fourth Sunday of Easter When I was young, I enjoyed it a lot when my mom took me along to the market. Now the market is full of distractions. I had no money,… Continue reading

Stay With Us

Third Sunday of Easter According to the gospel, Emmaus was about 7 miles from Jerusalem. And from archeological evidence through the years, scripture scholars place Emmaus at 10.5 to 12 km or 6.5… Continue reading

New Life In the Face of Tragedy

Easter Sunday of the Lord’s Resurrection Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Christos anesti! Alithos anesti! On this Easter night, we proclaim with exultant rejoicing Jesus Christ’s triumph over death and sin… Continue reading

How Dead Can One Possibly Be?

Fifth Sunday of Lent “[Lazarus] was dead; to begin with. There seemed to have been no doubt whatever about that.” So goes the opening line of Charles Dickens’ great masterpiece “A Christmas Carol.”… Continue reading

I’ll Drink to That

Third Sunday of Lent “Give me a drink.[1]” The next time you order at a bar or restaurant, you can quote scripture. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. John, chapter 4, verse 7.… Continue reading

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