Stirling Castle

On Saturday we drove up the M9 out of Edinburgh to the town of Stirling, the seat of the Royal House of Stuart. We arrived just before a huge crowd of tourists from… Continue reading

Edinburgh City Bus Tour

We headed out after breakfast. But first, a question: What is the difference between an Irish breakfast and a Scottish breakfast? Scottish Breakfast. Irish Breakfast. And while you ponder that mystery, off we go… Continue reading


We arrived in Scotland on Thursday, 28 July, in temperatures at least 15 degrees (F) cooler than Italy. We then headed to The Place, a hotel downtown within walking distance of most places… Continue reading

Montefino in July

Fr. Kerry arrived in Virginia the week before, and we spent a few days visiting family in Virginia Beach. Krissy came home from California for a few days. She starts a new job when… Continue reading

Some Cheese To Go With That Whine?

  16th Sunday in Ordinary Time Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine … Jesus should have asked Martha if she wanted some cheese to go with that whine. I don’t think he meant Mary… Continue reading

You’re a Christian? Then Act Like One

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time The author of an article in the Washington Post on Friday observed how we in America began the past week celebrating freedom and ended it in grief and… Continue reading

Essentials for the Journey

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time One of my favorite things to do is travel. I started when I was 20 when I first came to this country from the other side of the… Continue reading

The Perils of Brexit & the Kingdom

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time So the United Kingdom went to the polls last Thursday. And Brexit happened—52% of British voters chose to leave the European Union. Then the online search engine Google… Continue reading

Please Read Instructions

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time I upgraded my coffee maker last Friday. The store promotion included a free carousel for the pre-packaged coffee pods valued at $25. And when I opened the box,… Continue reading

Loaves & Fish, and a Little Manual Labor

As the school year winds down, students are looking forward to graduation and a few weeks of summer break. Teachers and school administrators are also breathing a sigh of relief. As much as… Continue reading

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