The Power of Good Example

Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time Growing up, I didn’t always know what I wanted to be. My sister wanted to play “school” a lot, mostly because my mom was a high school science teacher.… Continue reading

The Only Kind That Matters

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time “I am compassionate,” says the God of Israel in the first reading from the book of Exodus. ‘Compassion’ pertains to ‘the sharing of suffering, or the bearing of hardship… Continue reading

Citizens of Heaven Above All

Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time Let’s talk about taxes.  On second thought, let’s not.  As the next election cycle rhetoric has gotten louder over the past few months, and as it gets even louder… Continue reading

In the Vineyard of the Lord

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time In the winter semester of my first year of theological studies at the Pontifical College Josephinum in Worthington OH, I took a course titled “Introduction to Pastoral Ministry” with… Continue reading

What Have We Become?

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Ten years ago this very day, our nation was brought to a standstill at the news of terrorist attacks in NYC, Washington DC and Shanksville PA.  The whole world… Continue reading

Owe Nothing but Love

Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time What does it mean to be “in debt”?  One definition reads, “Debt is that which one party owes to another, commonly understood to be financial assets, but the term… Continue reading

Renewal of the Mind

Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time Yesterday I took an online test on the BBC website to determine whether I think more like a man or a woman.  Don’t worry.  I think like a man. … Continue reading


Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time When I first arrived at St. John’s in 2006, I received a ring of keys, supposedly to every lock and every door of every building in the parish …… Continue reading

Hope of Future Glory

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Every now and again I find myself standing in front of the bathroom mirror just staring at my face.  I know you all do that, too, although… Continue reading


Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time This weekend commemorates the 50th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall.  Not a very pleasant anniversary, if you ask me.  Certainly not something to celebrate.  And yet… Continue reading

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