Re-Think Communion: Intimate Bond & Covenant

Solemnity of the Body & Blood of Christ The honorable mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, in an attempt to reduce among his constituents the intake of sugary soft drinks, wants to… Continue reading

Invitation to Relationship

Solemnity of the Holy Trinity Once a college freshman was taking a lengthy, important final exam in a huge auditorium of an equally huge university. The exam went on for three painful hours.… Continue reading

How Can We Be Certain?

Pentecost Sunday I looked this up on Wikipedia (which is not the best resource when other better and more reliable resources are available). But in this particular case, using Wikipedia is completely and… Continue reading

Time to Grow Up

Ascension of Our Lord (at Middle School YouthRally : Charlottesville & Newport News) Who of you know what you want to be when you grow up? Who of you think it’s exciting that one… Continue reading

Would You Know Love?

Sixth Sunday of Easter If we each were to come up with a definition of “love,” there will be at least as many different responses as there are people in this room. And… Continue reading

Fruitfulness or Fire

Fifth Sunday of Easter When I was travelling up Rt. 250 toward Greenwood earlier in the week listening to the radio, I caught an interesting story of a United Methodist pastor from Tallahassee… Continue reading

Children of God

Fourth Sunday of Easter Years ago I often thought I would love the idea of having kids of my own. But don’t worry. I enjoy being an uncle. I have two nieces and… Continue reading

Resurrection & Transformation

Third Sunday of Easter Some time ago, I was a teenager. Like many teenagers, I found it hard to believe that my parents or any grown-up were once teenagers themselves. I can remember… Continue reading

New Life: Drastic & Irreversible

Easter Sunday of the Lord’s Resurrection As Easter was approaching, I got to thinking again about the “new life” we often hear proclaimed in this joyful season. And it dawned on me that… Continue reading

Walk With Him — He Walks With You

Palm / Passion Sunday As we reflect these days on the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, we might pause and consider that many stories of different individual characters are all colliding at… Continue reading

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