Receive the Fullness of Life

Fifth Sunday of Lent (Third Scrutiny) When convicted criminals are sentenced to life in prison, it is only a blessing because it is not a sentence of death. A life sentence would still… Continue reading

To See with the Heart

Fourth Sunday of Lent (Second Scrutiny) When I was in college, majoring in Philosophy, I would read pages and pages of assigned reading and still not really understand what I was reading. Has that… Continue reading

Give Me a Drink

Third Sunday of Lent (First Scrutiny) Like many teenagers in high school, there were days when I didn’t want to go to school. It was painful at worst, boring at best – until… Continue reading

From Fear & Outrage to Faith’s Embrace

Second Sunday of Lent Last week a young man entered the cafeteria of Chardon High School in the Cleveland OH suburbs and discharged a firearm instantly taking the life of one, sending two… Continue reading

Your Move

First Sunday of Lent I first learned to play chess from my dad. I was about 10 or 11 at the time. … Now and again, my dad would ask to play with… Continue reading

Paralysis of the Spirit

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Like many of you I have been Catholic my whole life, maybe not as long as some of you.  I have lived my entire existence immersed in Catholic… Continue reading

Feels Good vs. Glory of God: a Much Higher Standard

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time I can’t say I really truly know what it’s like to be alienated. I don’t ever remember being picked first – not for dodge ball, not for basketball,… Continue reading

Prophet, Go Home!

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time I am often fascinated by people who are so full of life and energy and enthusiasm that they give new meaning to words like inspiration and passion and… Continue reading

Job Opening with a Catch

  Third Sunday in Ordinary Time I have always enjoyed seafood, long before I heard fish and shellfish contain essential nutrients for a healthy diet. And ordinarily, my seafood comes from the supermarket… Continue reading

Born … to Rise Above

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time When I was growing up, I always hoped that the future path before me would be made unmistakably clear, that I would come to know, understand and accept… Continue reading

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