God’s Word & Virginia Soil

Bicentennial of the Diocese of Richmond 11 July 1820 was the date Pope Pius VII established the Diocese of Richmond by decree and sent Bishop Patrick Kelly from County Kilkenny, Ireland to be… Continue reading

Shrewd & Simple

Friday of Week 14 in Ordinary Time Hosea continues to speak to Israel God’s invitation to repentance and forgiveness. Yesterday he spoke of the tenderness of God. Today he offers renewal and restoration.… Continue reading

The Tenderness of God

Thursday of Week 14 in Ordinary Time After some verses from the prophet Hosea calling Israel to turn away from their unfaithfulness, we hear God calling out with words of patience and compassion,… Continue reading

Privilege & Unintended Consequences

Wednesday of Week 14 in Ordinary Time The Prophet Hosea is calling Israel to task because prosperity has gotten to their head. They were neglecting their relationship with God. More specifically they were… Continue reading

Mercy is God’s Response

Tuesday of Week 14 in Ordinary Time The prophet Hosea’s personal experience of his wife’s unfaithfulness gave him a unique perspective to enable him to raise the issue of Israel’s unfaithfulness to God.… Continue reading

Come to Me

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Are you tired yet? It’s okay to admit it. 2020 has been one long exhausting, soul-sapping, mind-numbing decade. Maybe you have something particular in mind—the global pandemic, systemic… Continue reading

America the Quilt

Saturday of Week 13 in Ordinary Time Happy Birthday America! And it is useful to pause at least once each year at that special spot on our trek around the sun (we should… Continue reading

Invitation & Response

St. Thomas, Apostle I failed to upload Tuesday’s homily because we blessed and installed the steeple on the new church. And by the time I got back, my focus was elsewhere. Besides, it… Continue reading

O You of Little Faith

Tuesday of Week 13 in Ordinary Time Faith is both God’s gift and our response to that gift. So God’s gift will always be adequate since God alone knows what we need even… Continue reading

Church Reenvisioned Post-Pandemic

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time I think I’ve figured something out. I’ve been thinking lately there’s something about people that’s a little off. It’s an affliction of the spirit, something like a human… Continue reading

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