Who Am I To Say Who Is Deserving?

Saturday of Week 12 in Ordinary Time Despite Jesus’ declaration that he came to fulfill the Law, he was regarded by his opponents as a lawbreaker. But Jesus was familiar with the heart… Continue reading

God Desires Our Healing

Friday of Week 12 in Ordinary Time With the destruction of the temple, the tearing down of the city walls, and the execution of the sons of King Zedekiah, the royal line of… Continue reading

Our Highest Priority

Thursday of Week 12 in Ordinary Time After all his instruction of the crowd, Jesus reminds them that it is not enough to know what God wants of us. We have above all… Continue reading

In Praise of Humility

Birthday of St. John the Baptist It’s six months to Christmas! The angel told Mary that Elizabeth her cousin was with child six months when she agreed to be the mother of God’s… Continue reading

Where the Perils of Judgement Lie

Tuesday of Week 12 in Ordinary Time Judgement is neither good nor bad. It is information. Rather, what we choose to do with that information becomes a choice for doing good or bad.… Continue reading

A Face Only a Mother Can Love

Immaculate Heart of Mary I’m not a mother. So I don’t know what mothers see when they look at their children. Maybe they see their husbands, or at least the father of those… Continue reading

Because God Loved Us First

Sacred Heart of Jesus As hate is learned, so is love. Some might have a natural propensity for disliking everything. That isn’t taught. As well some might have a natural propensity for being… Continue reading

Passcode to the Heart of God

Thursday of Week 11 in Ordinary Time Jesus taught his disciples to pray. He gave us this prayer and handed over to us the passcode that gives us access to the Father as… Continue reading

Tending the Interior Life

Wednesday of Week 11 in Ordinary Time Is there such a thing as an unselfish act? It was an argument between Phoebe and Joey on “Friends”–“The One where Phoebe Hates PBS.” I suppose… Continue reading

Be Unusual

Tuesday of Week 11 in Ordinary Time No, it doesn’t mean be weird. Rather what is often customary or typical or predictable human behavior might not necessarily be consistent with the Gospel. Tax… Continue reading

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