The Thing with Forgiveness

Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Last weekend we heard from Jesus about correction, which is something we are more inclined to give than we are to receive. “If your brother sins against you,… Continue reading

Generous to a Fault

Thursday of Week 23 in Ordinary Time It’s easier to love unloveable people in theory. Or people who live on the other side of the planet. Or people who are long gone whose… Continue reading

Your Portion of the Race

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary When runners run a relay race, each is responsible for a portion of the race. When the baton is passed, a new runner becomes responsible for… Continue reading

My Neighbor is My Business

Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time When the coronavirus pandemic hit in March and no one had a clue what was going on, and no one really understood what they were doing in response… Continue reading

New Wine & Old Wine at the Same Table

Friday of Week 22 in Ordinary Time St. Paul was addressing the rivalries and divisions within the Christian community in Corinth, reminding them that they all serve the same Lord and Master. Our… Continue reading

Fishing Wisdom from a Non-Fisherman

St. Gregory the Great, Pope & Doctor Jesus was a carpenter’s son. It makes sense he would have been a carpenter himself. So how does one who knows nothing of fishing invite others… Continue reading

In Service to a Common Mission

2 September 2020 Divisiveness happens because we tend to pick our loyalties. And we uphold loyalty as a value. But St. Paul had to remind the Christian community of Corinth that the ultimate… Continue reading

To Know & Be Transformed

1 September 2020 There is a presumption that those who are in positions of leadership especially in church leadership would know the mind of Christ. St. Paul certainly makes that declaration with confidence.… Continue reading

The Cross of Discernment & Shared Struggle

Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time It’s been a stressful last few weeks or last few months. It even seems like years. There’s been a lot of yelling, finger-pointing, name-calling. It’s been going on… Continue reading

Ready or Not

St. Monica If you’ve ever played Hide & Seek with children, or as a child yourself, there is some expected measure of fear and excitement when the It comes looking for you. But… Continue reading

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