Between Yesterday & Tomorrow

The White Australian Cockatoo. I saw a whole playing field full of them the other day, gnawing at the lawn. Pretty, exotic elsewhere in the world, protected by law, but sometimes more of… Continue reading

There Once Was a Jolly Swag Camped by a Billabong …

The countdown has begun. I fly out of Norfolk on Saturday afternoon, out of Los Angeles later that evening, spending the 4th of July (Independence Day) somewhere above the Pacific Ocean … well,… Continue reading

Winter in the Shenandoah Valley Part 2

We had a much smaller snowstorm in January, but the second major snowstorm this season came Thursday evening, 4 February 2010. And again the landscape was shrouded in white. I had not yet… Continue reading

Winter in the Shenandoah Valley Part 1

It was the second storm of December 2009 that made us notice. 25 inches in my yard. That weekend the town was paralyzed … well, most of the east coast was as well. The… Continue reading

Wedding in the Big Easy

Jill & Jeff on the Big Day at the Roosevelt in New Orleans LA I flew down to New Orleans the day after the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I caught a 5:30… Continue reading

And God Saw That It Was Good … eh?

I arrived back home at 10:30 pm Saturday night after a two day drive from Thunder Bay. The Beginnings and Beyond Institute has definitely helped me focus on the work of Christian Initiation… Continue reading

Goodbye West Coast … Hello East Coast

I arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge on Wednesday after having lunch with Michael earlier at the Coast Guard Training Center in Petaluma. At the north head of the bay, I was almost… Continue reading

Fremont Market & Gumbo at Lakewood

After getting back from Vancouver on Saturday, my cousin Maria and I made the 5pm mass at St. Alphonsus in Ballard, which I celebrated. All went well, except for the fact that it… Continue reading

Victoria & Vancouver

We arrived on Vancouver Island after noon on Thursday and my trusty GPS took us to an address in Victoria where Chris and Peggy from Charlottesville met us at the door. We took… Continue reading

Seattle: Home of Google (not), Expedia (nope), Starbucks (yep) & Grunge (true that)

These days have been so warm in Seattle. I was told the city hit record highs yesterday with 107 degrees F. It’s usually cooler than this, so I am hoping it will be when… Continue reading

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