Return to Aotearoa

It’s been 4 years since I traveled to New Zealand. And since I was spending time visiting Fr. Kerry in Australia, I figured it was time to return to the Land of the… Continue reading

Why Go Home Hungry Ever Again?

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Food and I, we get along. That’s just in case you didn’t know. And in return a good variety of foods enjoy my company. But not all of… Continue reading

On Our Hungers & Our Leftovers

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time I don’t cook often, but when I do, I only cook food I like to eat. Makes absolute sense to me. And the main reason, of course, is… Continue reading

Amid the Flock

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time At the ordination of a priest, after the ritual laying on of hands, the ordaining bishop anoints the priest’s hands with Sacred Chrism, the perfumed oil also used… Continue reading

Successful Careers for the Unqualified

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time I believe a successful career is marked by certain measurable benchmarks. To name a few in no particular order; one, you will want financial security—to be able to… Continue reading

The Divine Achilles’ Heel

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Kryptonite. Harmless to you, me, and most everyone else on the planet. I say most because we all know it is the one substance that reduces to a glorious heaping… Continue reading

Software Update of the Spirit

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time Every once in a while I get a message on my computer telling me it’s time for a software update. I can’t explain even vaguely how it all… Continue reading

The Life We Intentionally Share & Pass On

Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time This month I complete my 12thyear as pastor of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Waynesboro. I’ve lived here longer now than I’ve lived anywhere, including at… Continue reading

Alternate Reality

Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Coming from a large family, I had this secret fantasy growing up. Everyone else at home was weird. I was the only normal person I knew. Mom and… Continue reading

Proof of Our Faith in Our Words & Actions

The Body & Blood of the Lord Some time ago, I would enjoy watching CSI on TV. Crime Scene Investigation. It’s in syndication now, all 15 seasons. Funny how when Hollywood discovers what… Continue reading

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