Goodbye West Coast … Hello East Coast

I arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge on Wednesday after having lunch with Michael earlier at the Coast Guard Training Center in Petaluma. At the north head of the bay, I was almost… Continue reading

Fremont Market & Gumbo at Lakewood

After getting back from Vancouver on Saturday, my cousin Maria and I made the 5pm mass at St. Alphonsus in Ballard, which I celebrated. All went well, except for the fact that it… Continue reading

Victoria & Vancouver

We arrived on Vancouver Island after noon on Thursday and my trusty GPS took us to an address in Victoria where Chris and Peggy from Charlottesville met us at the door. We took… Continue reading

Seattle: Home of Google (not), Expedia (nope), Starbucks (yep) & Grunge (true that)

These days have been so warm in Seattle. I was told the city hit record highs yesterday with 107 degrees F. It’s usually cooler than this, so I am hoping it will be when… Continue reading

Go West, Young Man

Off the Oregon Coast — the Pacific Ocean. And I have pics of the Pacific from Sydney too. Now I have to go see the middle of it, like Hawaii. The iconic symbol… Continue reading

500 Miles to Coos Bay OR

I went to 7:30 am mass at Holy Spirit in Fairfield CA. Not thoroughly uplifting nor compelling. The priest talked about how the gospel was similar to the plot of the movie “Pay… Continue reading

California Dreaming

My flight landed at San Francisco International fifteen minutes early. Not the first time this has happened to me, but considering it was after midnight local time, and I was ready to lay… Continue reading

Long Overdue Post

Let me tell you the story of my long awaited trip. A few months ago, my friend says, let’s take a road trip from San Francisco to Missoula. I say, you twisted my… Continue reading

Wisdom from a Can of Beans

Instinctively we trust what the label boldly proclaims … a product prepared, packaged and marketed by strangers we have never met and will never know. What will it take for us to let… Continue reading

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