The Tower of London and English History … the Tudors. So we watched the first episode of the first season of the Showtime series to help give context to everything we saw today. Love that show.

The Tower of London is a wonderful medieval castle, lots of towers, turrets, archers’ windows (for shooting arrows at marauding hordes), armour (that’s how they spell it here), crown jewels (shiny rocks to me), royal prisoners, medieval graffiti, executions, and ghost stories. Avie, this place is for you! The photos I took are in no particular order, just anything I saw while we did the tour. So there will be photos of the same towers from different angles. We weren’t allowed to take photos of the crown jewels, but talk about bling! This is every woman’s paradise (sorry, not every woman really, but most women).

Didn’t get to Greenwich at all today. There was so much to see at the Tower.

Sunday morning mass at 10am at Our Lady Queen of Heaven down the street, then off to Hampton Court Palace in Surrey.