We hit the road heading northeast from Hobart on the A3 toward the resort town of Bicheno a little over 3 hours away. Our hotel room overlooked the water, which wasn’t difficult to get since there weren’t many other guests. We found a cafe and caught a late lunch, then walked up and down the main drag until we saw most everything there was to see.

The place is a popular summer resort, with beaches stretching in both directions from the town, for sunning and swimming and fishing and surfing, and wild places to hike and explore. But in the winter, there’s not as much to do. Few stores and restaurants remain open for the season. But if you enjoy walking … the cool weather is ideal.

One popular spot is the Blowhole, where seawater erupts through a rock formation formed by the erosion of pounding surf. Mesmerizing. We must have watched it for a while. But the wind was blowing cold. We headed back to the hotel and a hot meal.

After two nights in Bicheno, we made our way northwest to Launceston, a 2 hour ride. After settling in our hotel, we walked to the Church of the Apostles on Margaret Street, thinking we would catch Sunday mass before flying back to Sydney. But we had a much earlier flight, so we found St. Francis of Assisi in Riverside, a short ride from town.

That’s the last of my photos from Tasmania. Maybe it was the cold, but it seemed I put my camera away for the rest of the trip. Until next time.

Rolo B Castillo © 2018