Monthly Archive: March, 2019

Is “Not Seeing” an Option?

Fourth Sunday of Lent (Year A) Have you ever done something good for a neighbor only to be reprimanded for not doing it in a manner approved by law? Ultimately, the greater issue… Continue reading

Know Your Thirst

Third Sunday of Lent (Year A) I am always in awe of creative marketing, the patience and skill of some people who try to convince me what I need even before I recognize… Continue reading

Glass Ceilings & Lowest Common Denominators

First Sunday of Lent Last Friday was International Women’s Day, which I only found out about late in the day. Unfortunately I can be clueless like that. If it makes you feel any… Continue reading

Where There’s Smoke & Icebergs

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time It is in our nature as human beings to be curious. Sometimes the basis of that curiosity is legitimate, so we can understand why things are the way… Continue reading

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