Monthly Archive: December, 2019

Lessons for Family & Parish & Civic Life

Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph A major highlight of the Christmas season is that people will sometimes make a genuine and intentional effort to get together with those they love, whether… Continue reading

Through the Eyes of the Holy Child

Nativity of the Lord A child is just a small human that typically attracts attention and curiosity, even fascination, primarily from other small humans like it, but eventually from everyone big and small.… Continue reading

As Morning Light in Darkest Night

Third Sunday of Advent The great and glorious festival of heavenly light and joy and reconciliation and healing fast approaches, yet there is a persistent cloud of much sadness and anger and division… Continue reading


First Sunday of Advent Do you like surprises? I’m sure that just perked some of you up. Now you’re just imagining all sorts of things, aren’t you? Good things? Not-so-good things? It has… Continue reading

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