Known But to God

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time I like to watch people, but not in that creepy way you’re probably picturing. No. Some years ago, I would go to the mall late in the Christmas… Continue reading

In a Nutshell

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time I have been asking myself recently, what is the point of a shortcut? So you can get to where you’re going quicker. If it’s about how little time… Continue reading

The Serious Business of Holiness

Solemnity of All Saints I remember as a child seeing pictures of saints in books, paintings, holy cards, and stained glass windows. Every so often it was a three-dimensional image, making them even… Continue reading

Knuckleheads Unite!

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time I begin with an apology of sorts, for calling James and John knuckleheads last week. I assure you I did not hear from either the bishop in Richmond… Continue reading

Somewhere Within Earshot

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time James and John, what a pair of knuckleheads, huh? They took the long view and saw an awesome and glorious future up ahead, and decided they deserved a… Continue reading

An Icky, Awesome, Glorious Mess

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time First, I want to get this out of the way. Jesus’ closest friends happened to all be men, and were unaccustomed to taking care of children. So they… Continue reading

Welcome to the Mind of God

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time For a moment I invite us to imagine what it’s like to enter the mind of God. This is just a hypothetical exercise, so try not to wander.… Continue reading

Profile of a Disciple

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time I love crime drama, preferably intelligent crime drama, where the characters have depth, and answers to the burning questions aren’t so obvious. Every so often, it’s nice when… Continue reading

Bicheno & Launceston

We hit the road heading northeast from Hobart on the A3 toward the resort town of Bicheno a little over 3 hours away. Our hotel room overlooked the water, which wasn’t difficult to… Continue reading

Knowing the Right Answer is Not Enough

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time Face it. We like it when people think highly of us. When one of your teachers has something nice to say about you on your report card, or… Continue reading

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