Glass Ceilings & Lowest Common Denominators

First Sunday of Lent Last Friday was International Women’s Day, which I only found out about late in the day. Unfortunately I can be clueless like that. If it makes you feel any… Continue reading

Where There’s Smoke & Icebergs

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time It is in our nature as human beings to be curious. Sometimes the basis of that curiosity is legitimate, so we can understand why things are the way… Continue reading

Does Jesus Ask Too Much of Us?

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time I think I was a lot more optimistic when I was younger. I mean, I’m still somewhat optimistic and hopeful today, just less. I know many people out… Continue reading

Encounter & Trust

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time There’s a lot of misery and hardship and suffering going on in the world. It’s not likely a new reality, just that we hear more about it reported… Continue reading

Conundrum of an Avowed Non-Prophet

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Saturday was Groundhog Day. It means absolutely nothing to most people on the planet, except for the residents of Punxsutawney PA and meteorologists who have lost faith in… Continue reading

Your Words, O Lord, are Spirit and Life

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Last week we heard what happened at a wedding feast in Cana where Jesus’ own mother pushed him gently down the road of service and ministry to others,… Continue reading

$5.7B Impasse

Baptism of the Lord The federal government shutdown these last 3 weeks is an embarrassment and a massive failure of leadership. Don’t worry. I’m not taking sides. I really have bigger fish to… Continue reading

God in our Midst is Made Known Anew

Epiphany of the Lord Ordinarily, we are not easily swayed by weak and naïve arguments, especially from people we don’t know all that well. By nature, we are skeptics. I know I am,… Continue reading

All the Other Days After Christmas

Mary, Mother of God Whenever we picture the Virgin Mary in the Christmas season, we also typically picture Jesus as an infant, sometimes wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger, or… Continue reading

The Challenges of Raising Parents

Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph I was visiting with my siblings out east this past week. Mom and dad were in California spending Christmas with my brother and his family. Before… Continue reading

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