I’ll Drink to That

Third Sunday of Lent “Give me a drink.[1]” The next time you order at a bar or restaurant, you can quote scripture. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. John, chapter 4, verse 7.… Continue reading

Good News You Can’t Share

Second Sunday of Lent I went home to see my family a couple of months ago to celebrate my parents’ anniversary. My niece’s boyfriend had come home from the west coast a few… Continue reading

The Lure

First Sunday of Lent I like fish but I don’t fish. I get my fish from the deli at the grocery store. I don’t mind that someone else caught the fish for me,… Continue reading

Would God Demand the Impossible?

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time I ask your indulgence for once again wading in the deep end. It’s an annoying habit I picked up in college. But I was wondering. Would God demand of us… Continue reading

The Bar Is Raised

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time You all well know that I am the 4th of 7 children. I have 2 older brothers, an older sister, and 3 younger brothers. By the time I started… Continue reading

What Tone Are We Setting?

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time Like many people, I wake up each morning to a torrent of natural disasters and political upheavals near and far, and a smattering of scientific discoveries and movie reviews,… Continue reading

We Are Not Powerless

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Without a doubt America and all the world has entered a new era. We celebrate a relatively conflict-free transition of power after the most unconventional and disturbing presidential… Continue reading

When I Grow Up

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time When I was a child I never dreamed that one day I could be President. It never once crossed my mind. I know a few things are not… Continue reading

Mom’s Favorite

Mary, Mother of God Jesus was an only child. His mother Mary, as far as we know, was probably an only child as well. I share my mom with 6 siblings, plus 2… Continue reading

Hazards & Blessings of Being Human

Nativity of the Lord The immortal Almighty God is born today a child in a manger. His mother, so young and inexperienced in the ways of the world, is overcome with joy, transfixed… Continue reading

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