The White Australian Cockatoo. I saw a whole playing field full of them the other day, gnawing at the lawn. Pretty, exotic elsewhere in the world, protected by law, but sometimes more of a pest. Many trees on the church property looked badly mangled at the roots. Imagine what a whole flock of them can do in just a few hours.

The front entrance / tower of Our Lady of Fatima Church in Caringbah. The church is to the right outside the picture. The daily mass chapel is to the left, looking like a ship’s bow.

The inside of the church through the glass doors. Presider’s chair to the right, and behind the big crucifix, video screens for music lyrics. Neat idea.

Megan, Michelle, Marisa, Rachael, and below, Fr. Kim, me, Fr. Kerry, Jamie, Anthony — out to dinner at Taren Point in Miranda. Had a great time.

We will be at the Opera House tonight for A Little Night Music with Sigrid Thornton and Anthony Warlow. The Opera House website has a lot of nice things to say, so I am excited. Then early tomorrow, off to Perth and the West Coast.