The last couple of days are a blur. From my last post, we had another unplanned day in Rome, and an unexpected trip to Lanciano in Abruzzo. Fr. Kerry had some parishioners visiting family. They invited us over, a 3 hour bus ride across to the eastern coast along the Adriatic Sea. The weather was just as warm, although there was a pleasant breeze blowing. We didn’t get back to Rome until about 8:30pm.

Then yesterday, Wednesday, we left for London. The flight was delayed (not surprising) for an hour. We took a taxi to the hotel (£70+). Yikes! Then we took a stroll down the street from the hotel to find something to eat … although we did eat at the airport in Rome before taking off. I didn’t get to bed till after midnight last night. We hope to take the bus tour of London today, just to get our bearings. Then we can pick out what we want to see in detail. London here we come!

Below are random photos from the past week in Rome.

On the roof of the Basilica of St. Peter in Vatican City. I managed to convince Fr. Kerry to climb up the dome with me, a formidable feat. We actually were up there before this picture was taken. I figured, once in a lifetime was enough, much like seeing Schindler’s List or the Passion of the Christ.

St. Peter’s from the bridge in front of Castel Sant’Angelo.

A view of Castel Sant’Angelo from the same bridge as the previous photo.

From the entrance into the piazza. We were walking down the Via della Conciliazione from Castel Sant’Angelo. One last visit before leaving for London.

The Basilica of the Eucharistic Miracle in Lanciano. It seems the Eucharistic species turned into real flesh and blood in at least half a dozen places in Italy in the middle ages. The Eucharistic elements were displayed for public veneration. I didn’t take pictures. Lots of scientific research associated with each event. Worth reading up on. Thank you Lorie & Mario, and Marco, and Antonia & Silvio. If I return, this is definitely a trip worth doing again.

Before leaving for Rome, I had an unexpected visit from Br. Ephrem SDB who is staying at the Salesian Generalate in Rome studying Italian. I lifted the photo from his Facebook page, as I have not been able to download photos from my phone as yet.

With Br. Ephrem SDB.