London: Victoria & Albert Museum

We made our way to the Victoria & Albert Museum from Buckingham Palace after the changing of the guard. It was a short subway ride. And when we emerged, we came upon wonderful collections of sculptures and paintings from all over the world. There was a whole exhibit on fashion, which we skipped. And I wasn’t keen on shards of pottery either. So we roamed the exhibits of sculptures from the Renaissance and the Baroque periods, lavish and decadent (you can see for yourself).

As we were deciding on dinner before the evening’s events, the museum alarm sounded. Over the PA, “A fire has been reported in the building. Do not be alarmed. Please await further developments.” Needless to say, everyone scrambled for the exits. It was a bit of organized chaos, not easy to brush aside our concerns that we would otherwise perish a horrible death in a burning building, So we walked outside and found a nice Thai restaurant in the Covent Garden district for dinner.

Then after dinner, we went to the Adelphi Theatre to see “Sweeney Todd.” Neither of us had seen it before. We thought we liked Stephen Sondheim, but that was different, and that in an odd way.

Here’s the rest of the museum’s exhibits.

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