Caerphilly Castle


We got off the train at the fourth stop, a little town north of Cardiff called Caerphilly. It has a castle with a moat. A MOAT! This I had to see. As we approached it from the north, its massive outer walls came into view. This is a castle in the middle of a modern city. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Much of the castle is in disrepair, but it is not difficult to imagine what it must have looked like in its heyday. And there was this tower which leans 10 degrees forward. The scaffolding is probably some attempt to set it back upright, but there is a wooden sculpture below the wall that looks like some person trying to hold up the wall. I’m sure it’s been there a while.


And when I looked back on my photos, I found this one. I knew the skies were repeatedly clear and blue one minute, cloudy and dark another. But this photo was mysterious and wonderful. You tell me.


Later that afternoon, after returning to the hotel and getting a few zzz’s, we headed back out to Viva Brazil! close to the Great Western Railroad Station. Great place if you love meat. I will say no more.

Rolo B Castillo © 2016

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