We arrived in Scotland on Thursday, 28 July, in temperatures at least 15 degrees (F) cooler than Italy. We then headed to The Place, a hotel downtown within walking distance of most places we would visit.

It would be a slow first day. But we were up and about in a few minutes. Finding parking was a challenge–the nearby mall. And getting to our room required lugging our bags to the farthest possible point from the reception desk without benefit of a lift, Eventually, we settled in the tiny room with a skylight window for ventilation. It was sooooo small! How small was it? You need to leave the room to change your mind!


From the hotel, we walked to the Omni Center which would be hosting the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival next week (but we would have left for Glasgow by then, drat!). We walked toward the Princes Street Gardens and the Scottish National Gallery, passing a statue of the Duke of Wellington on horseback and a signature petition drive to raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour sponsored by the local Socialist Party.


At the Princes Street Garden was a monument to Sir Walter Scott … under an impressive steeple.


For perspective, here’s the steeple.

The statue is underneath.

Then the Garden Park on Princes Street, a short walk from the Scottish National Gallery.

And a couple of photos from the park of nearby impressive buildings. Tomorrow, a bus tour of Edinburgh. Stirling Castle on Saturday.

But before going further, a bearded bagpiper in a kilt … every corner seemed to have one.


Rolo B Castillo © 2016