A Pilgrim to the Holy Land

This is my first trip to the Holy Land, so I travel as a pilgrim to listen and watch and ponder. I am convinced the Holy Spirit has brought me here for a reason. I have mine, but I’m not opposed to having other reasons. So I am not wasting this opportunity. It’s an item off my bucket list.

Boarding our tour bus at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel-aviv under threatening skies.

We set out Monday from Dulles International with 36 fellow travelers. First stop was Frankfurt early Tuesday morning. Then on to Tel-aviv where we landed around 3:00 PM. The bus ride to Tabgha Pilgerhaus on the shores of the Sea of Galilee took about 2 hours. Our guide Maher told us they had had five days of heavy rain. Tomorrow should be the last of those wet days. Then hopefully we will see the sun.

We arrived at the guesthouse after dark, so the Sea of Galilee was not easily visible. And after getting our rooms, we met with another heavy downpour. Luckily we were warm and dry enjoying our first meal on solid ground, a feast despite our exhaustion and lack of sleep. I did get the best nap of the trip between the airport and the guesthouse.

After a short group meeting where Jeanne put our trip in perspective, most of us headed up to our rooms for a good night sleep. Tomorrow we head out to Nazareth and mass at the Basilica of the Annunciation, and then the home of the Holy Family. Then on to Cana, where Jesus performed the first of his signs, for a renewal of marriage vows for our married pilgrims.

I took a stroll to the outdoor patio overlooking the water. I noticed the full moon. And on my way to my room, I took a photo of the Sea of Galilee under the moonlight. Sunrise tomorrow is at 6:30 AM. We should all sleep sound tonight.

Rolo B Castillo © 2023

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  1. Rolo….

    Enjoy the pilgrimage. It is a profound experience.

    Tabgha is beautiful. Run by the German Benedictines. Their abbey church is lovely. 




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    • The Pilgerhaus is run by the German Benedictines, home for us for 4 nights. I think we have a boat ride scheduled, and definitely time to walk the grounds. Lots of quiet time.


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