Saturday, we took a taxi to the stazione in Firenze to catch a 6:30 AM train to La Spezia. It was cold. And nothing was open. There was a McDonald’s but it took another half hour after we arrived for them to open. And when we did stand in line, it didn’t seem they were in any hurry to serve any customers. I just thought that was the Italian version of fast food, not very fast at all … plus they probably didn’t consider it food anyway. Yet it tasted just like it did at home, even the coffee.


You can tell there is no flurry of activity anywhere in the vicinity. And when someone did show up behind the counter, it didn’t seem like they were in any big hurry to get us up and out. Oh well.

We caught the train to La Spezia. The trip would take us 3 hours, and we would meet our guide Fulvia at the McDonald’s at the La Spezia station at 9:30 AM. There wasn’t much to do on the train but nap, especially since we had to get up so early. I took photos of the station names that we passed. It gives a frame of reference from our origin to destination.

20130208 Firenze to La Spezia

20130209 002

These stationze photos were after sunrise … and after my nap. Not a whole lot to see, just train stations on a Saturday morning.

20130209 006

20130209 007

20130209 010

20130209 013

Town famous for its marble.

20130209 022

20130209 023

Now did that feel like 3 hours? It was still only 9 AM. Our guide Fulvia would meet us a half-hour later.

We would be back in La Spezia after the tour of Cinque Terre, for dinner and to spend the night at the NH Hotel on Via XX Settembre, 2.